100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Coca-Cola/Coke plastic cup (broken)

Story about me with Coca-Cola
I like to see the Coca-Cola ad stuffs since I was still small... Espacially CNY and Raya... I still remember got four Coca-Cola glass bottles with four races' hat(Deepavali, Raya, Christmas, CNY) as the bottles' cap - called "Coca-Cola Satu Kesegaran Untuk Semua Perayaan" (found this in Jakionline Inc)... Later that, I got many shelf talkers, but I lost one or two I think; Coca-Cola Menang Savvy/Satria Neo dangler, lost; Coca-Cola buntings (got many fancy cartoons) also lost :( ... since last year I really started to collect all the stuffs (keep the stuffs properly) so that the stuffs won't lost......
Now I only got shelf talkers, paper cups, souvenirs and the stuff below......

So, this is the plastic cup I found at Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Kuantan on 21 April 2013(last day) during having a camp organized by my school... when I was waiting for my mom to fetch me, I found a Coca-Cola stuff near the place I stand... it's on the soil, when I picked up, it's a plastic cup but broken, got half part only, the another part can't found...
The Coca-Cola plactic cup, but broken


Enjoy Coke

behind the piece of the cup......

I tried to find any collector's blogs to find whether got the same but well condition cup or not... unfortunately not.

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