100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

F&N SEASONS NutriWell Chrysanthemum 250ml *NEW*

The NEW(?) F&N SEASONS NutriWell Chrysanthemum is introduced!!!
First seen: My school's canteen.....
I saw a little different on this 250ml pack so I bought one, I drink it and keep the box......
This new packing is 'slimmer' and 'taller' than the currently packing......
I don't feel the taste of the drink is different than the older ones, however I have to find the old packing and compare the Nutrition Information......
(Photo 1-4) - side view (by clockwise, from top facing the observer)
(Photo 5-6) - top and bottom view
(Photo 7) - the straw... (Photo 8) - the straw should be on the packing
F&N SEASONS NutriWell Krisantimum Kurang Manis Tidak Ditambah Pengawet
(in Malay)

Minuman Herba Krisantimum and Maklumat Pemakanan
'Halal' and 'Recyclable' logo 

F&N SEASONS NutriWell Chrysanthemum 菊花 低糖份 Less Sweet No Added Preservatives 无添加防腐剂
(in English + Simplified Chinese)

(Manufacture and Import addresses)...
(Under license - Copyright)...
Made in Malaysia......
Minimum 250ml and barcode

Top: Best Chilled Refrigerate after opening
'Recyclable' and 'do not litter' logo
(hole for straw to poke)

Bottom: 12 456 78
Tetra Brik 

The given straw, in red.

Where the straw is attached

However when I search in internet, no information about this 'NutriWell' can be found...... maybe the F&N will update this 'NutriWell' later in internet......
Some photos of the old F&N SEASONS Chrysanthemum packing:
2012 CNY (Left poster) - 1L packing

2012 CNY - 300ml cans

2013 CNY - poster 300ml cans

This is my first packet drinks(?, 包装饮品) collectible......
See also: F&N SEASONS Chrysanthemum 300ml cans in my collections

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Coca-Cola #shareMYcokelah cans series - #syoknya

Yesterday - from 7-Eleven Jalan Air Putih near Eng Hong Semambu
Chup! refresh lah dengan Coca-Cola #syoknya

Still have one more to go, that is #beb !!!

MILO waist pouch + MILO and NESCAFÉ paper cups

Today I got MILO waist pouch and MILO and NESCAFÉ paper cups from Nirwana Hypermarket, Kuantan.....

  • MILO waist pouch - got from participating a game at MILO booth (see below for details)

  • MILO and NESCAFÉ paper cups (small) - got from MILO and NESCAFÉ booths respectively...... these cups are not new (not sengaja ask unused/clean cups from promoters), just drink the drinks and then wash the cups and keep them......

The MILO booth in Nirwana Hypermarket, Kuantan......
If you buy RM15 and above MILO products in a single receipt, you are allowed to play a game here to get prize/MILO merchandises......
The game is shown in the photo below... just throw the basketball into the basket in 30 seconds......
Prizes got MILO samples, compressed towels and  waist pouch... I just got waist pouch only (one prize per person only)
I also got the PERADUAN MILO FUEL FOR CHAMPIONS contest forms from this booth (today's // before this - details)

P/S: aiyaaaaaa forgot to ask for some posters/shelf danglers (if they got)......

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Coca-Cola #shareMYcokelah cans series - #lenglui

可口可乐 #shareMYcokelah 易拉罐系列——《靚女》(#lenglui)篇
From a Chinese medan selera (Medan Selera Teluk Sisik) in Kuantan


hidden number '2'


Besides, I also got the related contest form today that is Peraduan 'Chup! Refresh lah dengan Coca-Cola' contest form......
Peraduan 'Chup! Refresh lah dengan Coca-Cola' contest form, exclusively for 7-Eleven shops

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Collected a full set of F&N SEASONS ASIAN SOFT DRINKS from mid 2013 to October 2013
Four flavours are featured in this series:
Chrysanthemum, Grass Jelly, Winter Melon and Water chestnut.

All of the drinks have No Added Preservatives/无添加防腐剂/Tidak Ditambah Pengawet.
  • F&N SEASONS Chrysanthemum [菊花] [Krisantimum] (quantity: 2) - collected around mid 2013
Less Sweet/低糖份/Kurang Manis

(22 Oct 2013 update: got another can today from school)
Overall differences: Background colour (esp. at the chrysanthemum flower and yellow background) is slightly paler, thinner font and also the vertical code, crown symbol, code at the top of the can and hidden number at the bottom of the can.

  • F&N SEASONS Grass Jelly [仙草] [Cincau] (quantity: 2) - collected around mid 2013 and October 2013
Less Sweet/低糖份/Kurang Manis

  • F&N SEASONS Winter Melon [冬瓜] [Buah Kundur] (quantity: 1) - collected on 12 October 2013

  • F&N SEASONS Water Chestnut (with chunky bits) [清凉马蹄爽] [Sengkuang Cina (dengan ketulan sengkuang)] (quantity: 1) - collected on 11 October 2013

Additional details:
Description of the products in FNBM (F&N Beverages Marketing) website

Header in FNBM website. There are six flavours for Asian Soft Drinks, another two are Barley (in Singapore) and unknown flavour (pink coloured can)

F&N SEASONS Asian Drinks in Singapore

Another flavour, white chrysanthemum, can be found only in Singapore

And this barley drink, also can be found only in Singapore

Old design of F&N SEASONS ASIAN SOFT DRINKS - Grass Jelly ([Minuman] Cincau) and Winter Melon ([Teh] Buah Kundur). Source: KOLEKSI FITRI BARANG OLD SKOOL by FITRI OSMAN
Based on the description in the blog, there are no HALAL logo on the old design of the cans......

F&N SEASONS drinks featured in F&N SEASONS CNY 2013 poster
My photography at Nirwana Hypermarket, Kuantan

F&N SEASONS CNY 2012 poster
My photography at Eng Hong Semambu, Kuantan

Chrysanthemum CNY 2012 promotional packing
My photography at Giant Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan

Winter Melon CNY 2012 promotional packing
My photography at Giant Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan

I made a F&N Fruit Tree + F&N SEASONS CNY 2012 flagline based on the photo of the exact flagline

(2 Nov 2013 update: The header in FNBM website is changed to a new one)
The another two flavours (Barley, pink unknown flavour) are removed in this new header......

(22 MARCH 2014) SEE ALSO:
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