100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fanta Fruit Punch flavour Thailand 2013 250ml glass bottle

แฟนต้า (ผลไม้พันช์) 250ซม.3 ขวดแก้ว

Got one today at a food stall in Medan Selera of UTC (Kuantan) Pahang for just only RM2 (cheaper than local one)... only got this flavour...

**The bottle label is written year 2013, but the bottle cap is 2008...... maybe the bottle design is changed on 2013 and cap is designed on 2008...

older design of Fanta glass bottles (also got Sprite, Coke bottles) before the above version......

Recently I saw some Coke China, Sprite China and Fanta Thailand bottles at a sale in a Temple... but I didn't buy them because of ? (I also don't know why) :( ... but at least I can get back a Fanta Green bottle in UTC......

Saturday, 23 November 2013

100PLUS old 500ml bottle

Found this old version of 100PLUS bottle in my grandma's house few weeks ago......
but filled with washing powder......

the old bottle!!!

how to get rid of the washing powder: just use a commonly seen 100PLUS bottle to fill the washing powder XD

actually got another old bottle in the house... but this one the cap is not the original one and a hole is poked...
and I don't have other new bottle to replace it...

old bottle view 1
(after poured the powder to another bottle)

old bottle view 2

old bottle view 3

old bottle view 4
last time the company is F&NCC Beverages Sdn. Bhd. ... now is F&N Beverages Marketing Snd. Bhd.

the cap.
last time 100PLUS caps are printed with its logo... but nowadays 100PLUS bottles' caps are blanked...

the price tag is still exist... bought from 7-Eleven...
RM1.90 only at that moment... now!? Now the 325ml can is RM1.90 already...

Recycle code: 1 PETE
apply on all versions/series of bottles

expire date cannot be seen clearly :( ... so don't know this bottle is from which year...
but based on the company F&NCC (F&N Coca-Cola) Beverages Sdn. Bhd., the company is exist on 1992  to 2010 until changed to FNBM (F&N Beverages Marketing)...

Commparison: Left - old (?, probably 1992(not so old) - 2010), Center - current (until 2013), Right - New (from 2013)
view 1

view 2

view 3

view 4

The caps... only the older versions are printed with 100PLUS logo...
the newer ones are not printed and blanked......

the difference of the tri-colour strips......
The very first 100PLUS bottle design, and still exist in somewhere!!!

The first series of can and the first series of bottle
can: ?-?
bottle: ?-?

The first series of can and the second series of bottle
cans: ?-?
bottle: ?-? (after the first series)

The 2nd series of bottles with other three new flavours

the 3rd series of bottles, 4 flavours
December 2009 - Mid 2013

the description of 100PLUS and the 4th series of cans and bottles in the FNBM website
Mid 2013 (officially launched the new design on 2 November 2013) - now

the first series of cans in festive/Merdeka? designs (rare)

Apple Cranberry!?!? but now don't have dy......

100PLUS SMS & MENANG bottle caps

the fat bottle (?-?, 90's) in mudah.my (expire date: 18-03-1999)
also can search this fat bottle in many collectors' blogs...

Sunday, 17 November 2013

100PLUS cans set (2nd series) (normal design)

Based on the results I searched, this is probably the second series (design) of 100PLUS....
In the series: Original, Lemon Lime, Tangy Tangerine, Aqtiv

  • 100PLUS Original 325ml

  • 100PLUS Lemon Lime 325ml

  • 100PLUS Tangy Tangerine (new=Orange) 325ml

  • 100PLUS Aqtiv 325ml