100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

100PLUS Chinese New Year 2014 packaging

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

I like 100PLUS and collect various cans!!!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Sprite Malaysia 500ml plastic bottle (2011)

I should post this yesterday but I was sick at the moment :(

I picked up on Saturday near my school...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Friday, 27 September 2013

Coca-Cola Light (zero sugar) Malaysia 2012 can

可口可乐健怡(无糖)2012马来西亚 铝罐/Tin Coca-Cola Light (tanpa gula) Malaysia 2012 "MINUMAN TENAGA RENDAH BERPERISA BERKARBONAT" (Carbonate-flavoured low energy drink?)
Bought on Tuesday at 7-Eleven Jalan Beserah... saw this fancy design of the can and bought it......
The fancy design of Coca-Cola Light (zero sugar)

LIVE POSITIVELY sentences and Coca-Cola Light logo

stated 2012

not yet open*

Expire date and time
*I want to ask the collectors did you collect cans with the beverages (not yet open) or collect the cans after drink the beverages (opened), or using a trick to remove the drink but not pulling the tab!?
...because I visited some blogs found that they collected the cans with the beverages inside, but I read a tip at a website (in Chinese language) stated that it is recommended to remove the drink (especially Coca-Cola) because the drink will corrodes the can and causes leak or the can out of shape, or even explodes! ...

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Coca-Cola #shareMYcokelah cans series - #macha

可口可樂 #shareMYcokelah (分享?)铝罐系列——#macha

Other #/其他的#: #fuyoh, #bestgiler, #, #, #, #

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

100PLUS (normal) new design can

Today when I want to buy 100PLUS at school, I found a can with special design (not special but different than the current design) then I quickly bought it because only got one can with this new design only......

(100PLUS原味新设计/Reka bentuk baru tin 100PLUS perisa biasa)
Freshly new design!!!

another new logo with Malay: Minuman Isotonik

new information and details

TH32 and green colour at the bottom of the pulling tab

Expire date and code? (24)

Compare with the old design (right)




both bottom tab colour are same - green but codes are different
(Left: Right:)

new tin don't have the code and the *old tin got the code:
(*but not all old designed tins have the same code and some tins also don't have a code)

same: TBC

Expire dates of both tins

I also went to 7-Eleven near my school but didn't found any newly designed cans (all old designed tins)... I think now is still rare until the new designed cans can be found anywhere......

Sunday, 22 September 2013

100PLUS, Mountain Dew and REVIVE 500ml plastic bottles

五百毫升塑料瓶/botol-botol plastik 500ml
Just normal stuffs...... can get anywhere......
Mountain Dew (normal), Mountain Dew Live Wire, Mountain Dew Pitch Black
100PLUS EDGE (2), 100PLUS (normal), 100PLUS (normal) - Malaysia On The Move design

Monday, 16 September 2013

GANGNAM STYLE Chinese festival lantern

Happy Malaysia Day!!! 马来西亚日快乐!!! Selamat Hari Malaysia!!!
...at the same time the season of Mid-Autumn Festival is on...

I found and bought the GANGNAM STYLE lantern few weeks ago at Tunas Manja Air Putih... after that I found the lanterns at AEON BiG Kuantna but more expensive than at Tunas Manja......





end (front)

end (back)

so get one now!!!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

F&N clearly CITRUS + myCola paper cups

纸杯/Cawan-cawan kertas
F&N products!

  • F&N clearly CITRUS paper cups (3) - 2013
Got them on early of the year... at The Store Kuantan Parade

front and back are the same...


bottom of the cup -
Golden Cup GP100 www.multiways.my 3

  • myCola paper cup (1) - 2013
My mom got it today at Eng Hong Semambu... this cup is slightly softer/thinner than the CITRUS cups...... 

front - Produk Kualiti Daripada F&N

back - A Quality Produck From F&N

bottom part
1 Golden Cup GP170 www.multiways.my

bottom part